Circular Velvets and Fabrics

The “circular velvets” used in the road haulage, train, bus and tram sectors. In these contexts, circular upholstery refers to the textile coverings used to upholster seats, armchairs and other circular surfaces within public vehicles or conveyances. The circular covers are made of different materials, including velvet, imitation leather, technical fabrics or fire-retardant fabrics, depending on the specific needs of the sector and safety regulations.

Some key points relating to circular liners for trucking, trains, coaches and trams include:

1. Comfort and Durability: The circular seat covers are designed to provide comfort for passengers and resist wear and tear caused by intensive use.

2. Safety and hygiene: In public transport, it is essential to use fireproof and easy-to-clean materials to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the environment.

3. Design and Style: The circular seat covers can be customized to match the style and design of the vehicle, helping to create a pleasant and inviting travel experience for passengers.

4. Ease of installation: The circular liners are designed to be easily installed and replaced, making it easier to maintain vehicles.

5. Regulatory compliance: In the public transport sector, circular liners must comply with certain safety and regulatory standards.

These circular liners are used to enhance the comfort and appearance of the interior of public transport vehicles, helping to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for passengers when travelling.